Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Dundee, Stonehaven, Aberdeen, and more

Last week on Thursday night I attend my first meeting of the Glasgow University Cheese Society. I now have my official membership card and had a chance to eat stinky cheese and drink wine!

Shannon, myself, and Alice at the Cheese Society.
Queso de Murica!

 On Friday I went to the Kelvingrove Art Museum with Megan and Shannon. The museum is very close to campus and I had walked passed it many times. I especially enjoyed the "Scotland's First People" exhibit since the content was relevant to what I have learned in Archaeology of Scotland. I also enjoyed the French Art. Since the museum is free and close to campus I will likely be back to see more.
Kelvingrove Art Museum
Kitty on the street!

Over the weekend I took a day trip with the Glasgow University International Society to Dundee, Stonehaven, and Aberdeen. The weather was beautiful the entire day. We only had 30 minutes at first stop in Dundee. This was enough time to walk around a little and enjoy a custard filled chocolate doughnut from a local shop. The next stop was at Dunnottar Castle, which is outside of Stonehaven. The surrounding area of the castle was free to explore, while the castle itself cost a fee to enter. I decided to explore the area around since there was a beach!! Dunnottar Castle was home to the Earls Marischal family in the 14th century. The Honours of Scotland, the Scottish crown jewels, were hidden here in the 17th century. The scenery around the castle was spectacular.

The final stop was in Aberdeen which is the 3rd largest city in Scotland and located on the Eastern coast on the North Sea. Here I walked along the main street and had lunch. After lunch, I walked to the beach! The trip was tiring but fun. Afterwards, I went to a stand up comedy show in Glasgow. There were 3 comedians who performed, I understood less than half of what they said. Two of them spoke very quickly and I did not pick up on any of the slang.

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